Available MM2.4.0+

The reCAPTCHA Log is an internal MemberMouse log of all of the values captured by reCAPTCHA each time someone checks out or submits a MemberMouse checkout / signup form. Over time, periodic review and assessment of the reCAPTCHA Log will allow you to refine the setting on the Score Threshold based on the specific traffic and site behavior you're seeing. 

This log will only be visible if you have configured reCAPTCHA v3. Learn more about Configuring reCAPTCHA v3.

To view the log:

  1. Go to MemberMouse > Logs
  2. Click the tab that says "reCAPTCHA Log"


  1. Go to MemberMouse > Checkout Settings > reCAPTCHA
  2. Under the reCAPTCHA v3 Settings, click the button that says View reCAPTCHA Log: 

You can use the reCAPTCHA Log Cleanup setting to define how many days entries will remain in the log before they are deleted. By default, entries are deleted after 30 days.

The reCAPTCHA log is able to be filtered by date; by the score; and/or by whether it received a 'Pass' or 'Fail'.

Here are the different columns found in the log, along with a description of what you can expect to find under each column:

Column Label   Description
This is the date and time at which the event occurred.

A green checkmark will be displayed when the transaction 'passed'.
A red 'X' will be displayed when the transaction 'failed'.
A red triangle 'Error' will be displayed if a reCAPTCHA error occurred.

This is the rating returned by the reCAPTCHA algorithm.

This is the first and last name provided for the relevant member.

This is the relevant member's email address. If you click on it, it will take you to the Member Details area in MemberMouse for that member.

Checkout URL
This is the URL for the page from which the recorded transaction was submitted.

IP Address
This is the IP Address from which the recorded transaction occurred.

When you select the link for "Show," a popup window will show and display the full reCAPTCHA response provided by Google.

This is also where any 'Error' details that have been returned can be accessed.